Weight Loss

Over the course of a decade, Dr. Garcia realized that one-size-fits-all weight loss is not effective. He and his team developed a weight loss program, Vivaliti, which is completely customized using each person’s unique data. Our Vivaliti Weight Loss program features personal plans and real results.


Dr. Garcia's Vivaliti

Meet Vivaliti, the first weight loss program that is completely unique to each patient. This means that two people who might look the same on the outside would have different plans designed based on their individual characteristics. Vivaliti encompasses a nutritional plan, a portal and app to track your progress, and real-time adjustments based on that progress.

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Focus on Patient Experience

Our enthusiastic staff is ready to provide you a balanced nutritional plan combined with professional guidance, personal support, and education for long-term success. We’re committed to be your weight loss solution, from your weekly visits to your MyVivaliti app, all of our resources are dedicated to your success!

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