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Over the course of a decade, Dr. Garcia realized that one-size-fits-all weight loss is not effective. He and his team developed a weight loss program, Vivaliti, which is completely customized using each person’s unique data. Our Vivaliti Weight Loss program features personal plans and real results.

Personalized Plans

Every patient is seen as an individual, with their unique goals, lifestyle, and expectations. Dr. Garcia's Vivaliti Weight Loss program combines his vast experience and cutting edge technology to build a plan for long term success.

Three Phase Program

Real weight loss is more than a diet. Your plan is designed to help you take off the weight, and retrain your body to keep it off. Dr. Garcia's Maintenance for Life approach empowers you with knowledge and ongoing support to achieve long term weight loss.

Proven Results

A typical Garcia Weight Loss patient will lose over 5 pounds in their first week, and 15 or more in their first month. While individual results will vary, we've helped thousands of patients lose real weight and improve their overall health. We have a proven record and the data to back it up.

Patient Tools

Our unique MyVivaliti patient portal and mobile apps are designed to keep you connected to our staff and physicians beyond the office. Log or journal your food and activities, or find great recipes and information. My Vivaliti puts the power of Dr. Garcia's program at your fingertips.

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Garcia Weight Loss

Lose 5-10 pounds this week, 15 or more pounds this month!

"It has always been my goal to help you look and feel healthier, younger, and achieve the right weight for you. I created the Vivaliti Program to make long-term weight loss a reality by basing it on each individual patient’s characteristics. I think you will find our enhanced, customized program is one of the most exciting things for your health today and tomorrow."
Dr. Jay J. Garcia

Years Experience in Medical Weight Loss
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Completely Unique Plan for YOU!

Our Data Speaks for Itself

With 12 years of experience and over ten thousand healthier patients, we have the data that shows just how effective Dr. Garcia's Vivaliti Weight Loss Program really is.

Average Weight Loss – First Month

87% of Dr Garcia's Weight Loss Patients lose 10 or more pounds in their first month! The average first month weight loss is 15.86 pounds. Individual results will vary...

Average Weight Loss – First Week

82% of Dr Garcia's Weight Loss Patients lose 5 or more pounds in their first week! The average first week weight loss is 7.2 pounds. Individual results will vary...

As with any weight loss program, these results cannot be guaranteed and your individual results will vary. Read More...