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Hormone Injectables

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Women expect to experience symptoms around menopause, but men are unprepared for the often subtle changes they experience as their hormone levels decline. This is referred to as Andropause. The skilled providers at Garcia Weight Loss Aesthetics & Hormone Therapy help women and men overcome problems like a disappearing sex drive and fatigue with hormone injectables. These medications can reverse your symptoms as they restore normal estrogen and testosterone levels. Call the office in Brandon, Palm Harbor, Tampa, or South Tampa, Florida, today or connect online to learn how injectable hormones can help you.

What are hormone injectables?

A hormone injectable is a treatment that restores normal estrogen or progesterone levels using an injection.

Injectable estrogen is typically prescribed to treat the symptoms of menopause. But some women need it to treat abnormal uterine bleeding or if their body doesn’t produce enough hormones.

Men may need an injectable hormone when they have low testosterone, a problem that can occur due to health conditions such as pituitary and thyroid problems. Testosterone levels also steadily decline as men get older.

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What symptoms indicate I need hormone injectables?

Estrogen and testosterone do more than regulate your reproductive system. They also influence many body functions. For example, testosterone is needed for red blood cell production, and estrogen affects the heart, skin, and bones.

Men and women both experience low energy, loss of their sex drive, weight gain, and memory problems. Men often lose body hair and muscle mass. Women develop dry skin and face a serious risk for osteoporosis in the years after menopause.

Low estrogen and testosterone have a significant impact on your reproductive system. In men, this typically means erectile dysfunction. Women deal with urinary incontinence and painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness.

How do I take hormone injectables?

Before prescribing injectable estrogen or testosterone, your provider at Garcia Weight Loss Aesthetics & Hormone Therapy reviews your medical history and symptoms, completes a physical exam, and runs blood work to determine your hormone levels.

If you need to restore low hormones, they may prescribe an injectable or recommend another form, such as bioidentical hormone pellets or topical hormone, depending on the severity of the problem and your symptoms.

Your provider may prescribe hormones you can inject at home, or they may take care of the injection in the office. If you get self-injectable hormones, your provider shows you how to use them. In most cases, you inject them into your abdomen or thigh.

Whether you self-inject or return to the office, you need to get the injection regularly to ensure you keep optimal hormone levels in your body. As long as you use hormone injectables, your provider regularly runs blood tests to be sure you’re getting the right dose. 

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