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Appetite Suppressants

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Invest in a trusted weight-loss program that helps you take off pounds and keep them off for the long term. At Garcia Weight Loss Aesthetics & Hormone Therapy, with locations in Brandon, Palm Harbor, Tampa, and South Tampa, Florida, the team crafts an individualized weight-loss program for you that may include appetite suppressants to make weight loss easier. Call Garcia Weight Loss Aesthetics & Hormone Therapy today to set up your consultation, or use this website to book online.

 What are appetite suppressants?

Appetite suppressants are used to help discourage overeating. The weight loss medications influence your brain, so you have less urge to eat. They can help you feel full faster on less food or reduce hunger pangs. 

At Garcia Weight Loss Aesthetics & Hormone Therapy, we use phentermine, a type of prescription weight-loss medication used for appetite suppression.

When combined with other weight loss interventions, it’s easier to reduce calories to reach your weight goals.

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What are the benefits of appetite suppressants?

When taking an appetite suppressant like phentermine, you find: 

  • Weight loss is easier and faster
  • You’re not hungry, and you have a smaller appetite
  • Your body composition improves

Appetite suppressants are helpful if you’ve had trouble maintaining weight loss or sticking to a weight-loss plan. Taking phentermine increases your chance of losing weight effectively.

Am I a candidate for appetite suppressants?

Before prescribing phentermine or other appetite suppressants, your provider thoroughly analyzes your health history, current health status, and weight-loss goals. Some patients may need to undergo blood tests, heart function tests, or other diagnostics before prescribing the medication.

Patients with a high BMI (body mass index) and who struggle with weight loss are usually good candidates for the medication. Your doctor will not prescribe phentermine if you have high blood pressure, heart disease, glaucoma, or an overactive thyroid gland.

How do I take appetite suppressants?

Your provider may include phentermine or other appetite suppressants as part of your medically-supervised weight loss plan. They carefully monitor your use and results. Taking phentermine can be abused, so we want to ensure you use it appropriately and safely. You will receive specific instructions about dosing and frequency of usage. Follow it precisely.

Some people experience a dry mouth, changes in their sleep patterns, increased heart rate, and nervousness while taking phentermine. You may also develop constipation and prickly feelings in your hands and feet. 

Phentermine is part of a comprehensive weight loss plan that includes physical activity recommendations and dietary guidelines. 

Find out more about how appetite suppressants can be part of a complete weight-loss plan that helps you lose weight for good. Call Garcia Weight Loss Aesthetics & Hormone Therapy today or use this website to schedule an appointment online.