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Dr. Garcia’s Lifetime Success

Dr. Jay J. Garcia dedicated over a decade of his life developing the weight loss programs we still use today. He was a passionate advocate for healthy, effective weight loss, personalized to fit the individual. We continue his legacy by providing the same trustworthy and effective patient experience that he dedicated many years of his life to.

Dr. Garcia was a board-certified physician who practiced in the Tampa Bay area for more than 30 years. Prior to his career in weight loss and wellness, Dr. Garcia was the CEO of one of the largest medical groups in the Tampa Bay area and also co-founded the Tampa Bay Women’s group.

During Dr. Garcia’s life, he opened 4 Tampa Bay area Garcia Weight Loss locations, all of which have been recognized as the best weight loss clinics in their area by local news organizations. Patients have called the Garcia Centers one of the most trusted names in medical weight loss, thanks to the efforts of our founder, Dr. Garcia.

Garcia Weight Loss and Wellness: Looking Forward

Through Dr. Garcia’s dedication to wellness, he built a brand that is now a staple of the Tampa Bay healthcare community. His successors maintain the integrity of the Garcia Weight Loss brand by continuing to provide high-quality patient care and effective weight loss solutions.

Why Choose Garcia Weight Loss?

Patient Experience

Our program, staff, and physicians are all motivated by the same thing: your success. We will empower you in a collaborative effort to help you lose the weight and feel supported during the process.


Our program is based on scientific and medical principles, therefore, safety and efficacy are always of the utmost importance. The majority of our patients experience significant weight loss their first month on the program.*

*Results are typical but cannot be guaranteed.

Care and Support

We are partners, cheerleaders, problem solvers, and educators. Our support is one way we demonstrate our commitment to the success of each and every one of our patients.

Invest Wisely in You!

Many of our patients have told us that our program was the best investment they could have made in themselves. We also have packages that can help you save while improving your long-term health.

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