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The Endless Battle

The Endless Battle

If you were to ask a group of people whether or not they would like to lose weight, the majority of them would say “yes.” It’s a universal quest.  Seems like something so prominently sought after would have an easy, universal solution, doesn’t it?  Well, while there may not be one simple solution or answer to the weight loss effort, there are things that are proven to be helpful in anyone’s effort to lose weight.

Cutting Calories

When you want to lose weight, you will need to cut down your caloric intake.  There are some great  products available to help suppress the appetite and give a feeling of general fullness, which helps to eliminate those irritating cravings that cause people to overeat.  But cutting down on the amount of calories you consume is only going to help up to a point. Studies have shown that overly aggressive dieting where calories are severely restricted usually end up in producing a loss of muscle instead of fat.

Muscle Burns Calories

It’s been proven that the more muscle mass your body has, the more efficiently and effectively your body will burn calories.  Conversely, the more fat your body has, the less effective it will be for you to shed pounds from caloric restriction.

Bigger Fat Cells Shrink

When you are overweight, your body’s fat cells become enlarged, and send ironic messages to your system that you need more fat in order to survive. At some point in your growth from childhood through adolescence, your body develops the number of fat cells that it will have for the rest of your life, and depending on the eating habits you develop and practice, the size of those cells will either enlarge, remain the same or shrink.

Scientifically Proven Help

Because the process of weight loss is such a highly scientific one, it’s best to approach any serious efforts under medical direction that is specifically formulated for your particular body and eating habits.  It saves time and energy that is often wasted on programs that may work for one individual but not another.  Under medical supervision, you will be able to understand the best method and supplements that work for you, achieving successful results sooner and unlike those other fad diets, they’ll help you to keep your weight where you want it to be.



Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on April 11, 2014

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