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The Benefits Of Having A Weight Loss Buddy

The Benefits of Having a Weight Loss Buddy

Weight loss can be a difficult journey, especially if you feel like you’re walking it alone. Having people in your life that support your health goals is incredibly important and beneficial for weight loss and maintenance. Studies show that social support can affect treatment completion and maintenance in individuals adhering to a weight loss program.

You don’t have to find someone who is on the exact same weight loss journey as you. Everyone is going at their own pace, but it’s nice to walk together. The “buddy system” can help you achieve and maintain good physical and mental health.


Having a buddy to exercise with can be an excellent motivator and can improve the quality of your workouts. Checking each other’s form can prevent injury and ensure an effective exercise. Cardio can be tough to power through alone, but a buddy can make the time go by quicker and motivate you to keep going. Try out these fat burning exercises!


Sometimes, we just feel like giving up and need people to remind us of our goals. This feeling happens to nearly everyone at some point in their weight loss journey. Connecting with others that are also working on their health and fitness goals can be a powerful way to stay on track. Learn about 5 ways to make exercise a habit.

More Fun, Less Stress

Weight loss can be difficult and frustrating, but having someone who shares your struggles in your circle helps. Whether you’re exercising, talking about your goals, meal planning/prepping, you can share the ups and downs of your weight loss journey with someone who’s right there with you. 

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