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How To Start Losing Weight Now

How to Start Losing Weight Now

There are many reasons losing weight is so difficult with perhaps the biggest reason being that we have been unsuccessful in our previous attempts. For many of us, our past failures keep us from even trying again. However, the truth is that you can start losing weight now simply by following some basic guidelines and going about it the right way, the healthy way, and the way that produces results that last a lifetime.

The first step to losing weight is learning where you are now. Our team of health care professionals will help you do this by working with you during your first visit to one of our Jay J Garcia MD Weight Loss and Wellness Centers to assess your weight, blood pressure, body fat percentage, and body measurements. Also, you will be given an Electrocardiogram test to check for problems with your heart’s electrical activity and a host of blood work. All that we learn during your initial visit will help us develop a specific plan for you, while also giving you the motivation to start and stay on course with the weight loss plan.

The next step to losing weight in a safe manner that keeps the pounds from coming back is setting realistic goals. Since your first visit at our weight loss center will give you a number of variables to keep track of and to set goals for, you will be able to create goals that will have you losing weight and likewise improving your overall health in no time. Since you will want to, for example, increase your body’s muscle mass and lower your blood pressure, you will be more likely to follow the exercise component of your weight loss plan. Having a number of reachable goals will help you stick to the all of the components of your specialized weight loss plan: nutrition, hydration, exercise, and supplements.

Once you have your plan and your first set of goals set, you need to track your progress and activity each day, which will in turn give you daily rewards as you achieve tiny bits of success on a regular basis. By learning where your weight and health currently sit, creating a plan and setting goals, and then tracking your progress you will be losing weight and getting healthier right away.

Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on December 10, 2014

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