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Q And A With Dr. Garcia-Round 2

Q and A With Dr. Garcia-Round 2

Here is the next interview in our series of Q & A with Dr. Garcia.  We caught up with him on how his summer went and how he spends football weekends!  Check it out below:

Dr. G, you mentioned last time that one of your favorite vacation spots is Las Vegas…did you make it to Sin City this summer?

No, we didn’t make it there this summer.  Instead, we spent a couple weeks in Cleveland, it was my youngest Granddaughter’s First Birthday, so of course, we went and celebrated with her for that.  We also went over to the beach as much as we could…the beach and Relora are my secrets to de-stressing!

So, when you’re on vacation, do you stick to your diet?

I’m realistic about it.  I try to follow an 80/20 rule when I’m vacationing.  That means 80% of the time, I follow my normal, healthy eating habits, and 20% of the time I relax a little about it.  You have to realize, if you spend your vacation stressing about your diet, you take the relaxation benefit right out of the vacation…and that’s not healthy either.

Give us some tips for staying on track while you’re out of town.

Sure, remember to pay attention to portion control.  Also, watch the alcohol intake, that tends to increase on vacation.  Also, stay hydrated!  Traveling can make you more dehydrated, so it’s important to drink a lot of water.   I also make sure to incorporate some activity when I’m vacationing…I take my Granddaughter on long walks, or I kayak at the beach.  You just gotta keep moving!

Football season is around the corner, what’s a football weekend look like for you?

Well, my family and I are huge Gator and Bucs fans.  We love to spend weekends in Gainesville for the home games, and then we turn it around early on Sunday mornings so we can be back in Tampa to go to the Bucs game.  It’s a lot of action for one weekend, but I love it!

And what’s on your plate at a Gator tailgate?

I guess I’m a traditionalist…I love hamburgers and hot dogs at a tailgate!  Although, I’ll usually ditch the bun.

I’m sure you’ve seen this Ice Bucket Challenge for ALS…has anyone tagged you for it?

Ha!  No, haven’t been tagged yet, but my daughter did it.  I think it’s great…what a groundswell of support for ALS research!

Tell us a little about the charities you do support.

My wife and I like to support local charities here in Tampa.  We support Metropolitan Ministries here locally.  We also have sponsored 5 scholarships to USF for deserving Hillsborough County students.  I’m a USF grad, and it means the world to me to give back like that.  We also happily support the Wounded Warriors Project.  And, I get my Grandkids involved on a smaller scale, each time we’re at the beach, we walk the beach and clean up all the trash.  It’s a small gesture, but they love helping like that.

You just celebrated your 10th anniversary with Weight Loss here in Tampa…what’s been the secret to your success and longevity?

We are always striving to improve our program, we focus on the science and medicine behind our diet and combine that with excellence Patient experiences.  We have multiple staff members who have been with me since the beginning.  And, of course, we do our best to earn the trust of our Patients, and they have rewarded us with recommendations to Friends and Family…and that’s really the highest compliment.

Thanks Dr. G!  Enjoy those football games, we will catch up with you again soon!

Got a question for our next interview with Dr. Garcia?  Leave it in the comments and maybe we’ll use it for our next Q & A.


Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on August 19, 2014

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