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Non-Perishable Food List

Non-Perishable Food List

Non-perishable foods last a long time without spoiling and are vital for emergency situations such as hurricanes, electricity shortage or pandemics where you are advised to stay home. Even if non-perishable foods aren’t your favorite, it is important to have them handy during times of uncertainty. 

What is non-perishable food?

Non-perishable foods are items that can be safely stored at room temperature without going bad. These non-perishable items include canned goods, rice, pasta, flour, sugar, country hams and other similar products. You can even find packets of tuna and canned salmon in your local grocery store that do not have to be refrigerated. 

Here is a list of some healthier non-perishable food items:

  • Tuna, salmon or chicken breast canned or foil packets
  • Protein bars
  • Nuts
  • Beans, green beans, chickpeas canned
  • Jell-O (sugar free)
  • Healthy jerky
  • PB2 peanut powder (mix with water to make peanut butter)
  • Fruits that are in containers with water instead of heavy syrup (example: unsweetened applesauce, pears, peaches, etc.)

Try to plan out your meals mindfully and think of ways to create unique recipes from these foods. If you create a really good one, tag us on social media and we might share it!

Please remember to practice safe social distancing during this time and remember to wash your hands regularly. If you’re interested in booking a telehealth visit with the Garcia Weight Loss team, please call your local Garcia center.

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