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How To Have A More Effective Workout

How to Have a More Effective Workout

We are about three months into the new year. How are your resolutions going? If you planned on exercising more, chances are you are trying to stick to an effective workout plan. Showing up to the gym and getting your sweat on is important, but having an effective workout also involves hard work, consistency and training smart. 

Whether you’re a regular gym buff or you’re new to fitness, here are 7 workout tips to help you get the most out of your workouts:

High-intensity workouts

HIIT, or high intensity interval training, involves short bursts of intense exercises with recovery periods. These types of workouts are usually 10 to 30 minutes long. Not only do HIIT workouts allow you to get a quick workout in, but they also burn a ton of calories in a short period of time. They also increase your metabolic rate after your workout and can help you burn fat many hours after the initial exercise. 


Protein is an essential nutrient when it comes to weight loss. Protein is what allows your body to refuel and help build lean muscle when combined with exercise. Try adding a protein shake after your workout to fuel your muscles. 

Lift weights

Lifting weights can help you build lean muscle mass, which is more metabolically active than fat. This means that you are burning more calories throughout the day than a regular cardio workout. Not only does weight lifting help you lose fat, but it also tones your body and allows you to get stronger. 

Compound exercises

Compound exercises, such as deadlifts, squats and push-ups, are great to add to your workout routine. These exercises work multiple muscle groups at the same time, which can burn more calories, elevate your heart rate, improve strength, and much more. For example, squats are a compound exercise that works the quadriceps, glutes and calves all at once. 

Good form

Having good form in the gym can not only help you stay injury-free but also will allow you to get the full benefits from certain exercises. Cheating with your posture during exercises not only causes knee, back or neck pain, but can also promote bad habits that can cause lifelong functionality issues.

Change your routine

It is extremely important to change your workout routine as your body becomes accustomed to training specific body parts, preventing you from improving your fitness journey. Changing your workout routine will allow you to challenge yourself to improve your overall goal of creating a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t overwork yourself

Burnout is a real thing when it comes to fitness and can leave you feeling drained. It is common for people to skip a few days after feeling unbearably sore after an intense workout. Too much exercise or at too intense of a level, can have you steering away from the gym overall.

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