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Healthy Halloween Snacks

Healthy Halloween Snacks

Halloween season brings a whole lot of unnecessary sugar to the table. We’re here to show you ways to stay healthy and on the right track during this spooky time of year. Halloween party food doesn’t have to be filled with processed sugars and fats. Check out these healthy Halloween snacks that are guaranteed fun and tasty!

Boo-nana Ghosts


Peel a couple of bananas, cut them in half, and insert popsicle sticks. Dip them into vanilla greek yogurt and place on a baking sheet covered in tinfoil. Add dark chocolate chip eyes and a mouth. Freeze for at least an hour, or until the yogurt has hardened. 

To make mummies, place a few teaspoons of peanut butter in a microwave-safe bowl and heat up for 30-45 seconds. Drizzle the bananas to make ‘bandages’. 

Monster Bites


Cut a green apple into quarters. Slice out a small quarter from the skin side to resemble a mouth. Fill with your choice of nut butter (you can even use PB2). Place a strawberry slice for a tongue. Stick sunflower seeds in for teeth. Top it off with googly eyes; use nut butter as glue, stick yogurt covered raisins on, and top them off with dark chocolate chips for the ‘pupils’. These healthy Halloween snacks are customizable and so fun! 

Witch Brooms


You’ll need a pack of thin rectangular cheese slices. Fold each slice and cut fringes, making sure to leave a centimeter or two uncut at the top. Roll the cheese around a pretzel stick, fringe side down. Secure it by tying it with a chive.

Clementine Pumpkins


Peel clementines (you can use tangerines, mandarines, etc.). Cut the tops off of a bunch of celery, about 3 inches, so that you get 3-inch bits of celery with a few leaves attached. Insert the celery into the center of the orange.

We hope this blog has inspired you to stay on track this spooky season! You don’t need sugary candy and processed baked goods to have fun – these healthy Halloween snacks are crowd favorites at any gathering or kids’ party!

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