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5 Healthy Dinner Recipes You Can Make In 10 Minutes

5 healthy dinner recipes you can make in 10 minutes

One of the most common frustrations with nutritious food is finding the time and energy to prepare it. Indeed, cutting up fruits and vegetables is more time-consuming than grabbing something from the drive-thru on the way home.

However, today there are a number of shortcuts and ways to cook up healthy foods without too much effort. Try these fast but healthy dinner recipes when you’re short on time but want to stick to your health goals.

Sweet potato and egg skillet

From Taste of Home

Who says eggs in a skillet are only for breakfast? Protein packed and nutritious eggs pair beautifully with sweet potatoes, one of the healthiest vegetables you should be eating.

To make this recipe super fast, cook your sweet potatoes the night before or when you have free time. You can cook them in an oven, pressure cooker, or even the microwave. Then, refrigerate them until you’re ready to make dinner — up to 3 days. With plenty of fiber and protein, this quick and easy dinner is sure to satisfy.

10-minute healthy cauliflower rice

From Damn Delicious

Cauliflower rice is popular on the internet right now because it’s a nutritious and low-calorie way to enjoy “rice,” or to at least trick yourself into thinking it’s rice. It’s well worth the substitution: cauliflower has fewer than 30 calories per cup, and regular cooked brown rice has more than 200.

This recipe can be made with your own freshly chopped cauliflower rice if you own a food processor. If you don’t have a food processor or don’t want the extra work, cauliflower rice is readily available in many grocery stores in the produce or frozen food section.

Super simple salmon

From AllRecipes

Salmon is one of the best sources of omega-3 fats, which fight inflammation and a number of health problems, including mental decline and heart disease.

If you’ve got fresh salmon, a few simple spices, and 10 minutes, you can have a low-calorie and delicious dinner packed with beneficial omega-3s. Pair it with a simple salad or some sauteed spinach for a meal that’s loaded with nutrients.

10-minute zucchini noodles with vegan cashew pesto

From The Fitchen

Zucchini pasta is a great way to satisfy your noodle craving. Use it as you would any other pasta, and you’ll be getting plenty of nutrients without the calories and carbohydrates.

This recipe is quick and easy, especially if you have a spiralizer to make zucchini noodles. If you don’t own one of these gadgets, check out your local health food store. Many stores carry zucchini noodles in the produce section.

10-minute “no chop” chili

From I Breathe I’m Hungry

There’s nothing like a hot bowl of chili on a cold day. Then again, a healthy chili can be enjoyed during all seasons. The problem is, many of us don’t want to take the time to chop up vegetables and cook it for hours.

This recipe couldn’t be easier: you simply combine your ground meat of choice with some store-bought salsa and seasonings and cook it until the meat is done. Top it with avocado for some healthy monounsaturated fats and creamy flavor.

Eating healthy can be simple

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Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on February 26, 2019

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