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What Happens Next? Maintaining Your Weight Loss After Our Program

What Happens Next? Maintaining Your Weight Loss After Our Program

Make your weight loss results last long after our program!

Maintaining a healthy weight can be a challenge, but Garcia Weight Loss can help. Dr. Garcia’s program teaches maintenance for life, which goes far beyond the goals of “fad” diets. Through our Weight Loss and Wellness program, you’ve learned which individualized plan works best for you; learn to maintain it with these tips.

Set a maintenance goal.
Keep your healthy new weight steady by setting a maintenance goal, and stick with it. Through Dr. Garcia’s program, you’ve learned how lifestyle, diet, and wellness all play a part in your weight goals, and how to apply that knowledge to real world settings. Use these tools to keep your weight on track.

Keep track of your results.
Maintaining your weight loss goals means keeping track of your efforts to lead a healthy lifestyle, even after completing Dr. Garcia’s program. Take ownership of your healthy new life by maintaining wellness routines and recording your results.

Don’t get discouraged.
It can be tempting to feel disappointed if the scale fluctuates after completing our Weight Loss and Wellness program, but it is important to keep negative voices at bay and recognize road blocks. Concentrate on your accomplishments and refer back to your goals if you start to feel discouraged.

Find a fitness buddy.
As part of Dr. Garcia’s program, you will have learned the importance of a well-balanced diet and exercise routine. Partnering up with a workout buddy could be just the motivation you need to stay on track. Join a friend for your workouts, join a class at a gym, or invite your partner to become your fitness buddy.

Count on support from Dr. Garcia and staff. Weight loss success is a journey, not a destination. Learn how to get started on YOUR path by scheduling a no-cost, no-obligation consultation with Garcia Weight Loss today!

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