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‘Fall’ Into Weight Loss With Our Three Phase Approach

‘Fall’ into Weight Loss with Our Three Phase Approach

Say hello to weight loss this season with the help of Dr. Garcia’s 3 phase metabolic plan!

Make fall the healthiest season of the year! How? Through our specially formulated, individualized approach to weight loss! Dr. Garcia’s three phase metabolic plan is a weight loss and wellness approach based on bariatric principles. In fact, through Dr. Garcia’s medically managed weight loss plan, patients have lost a total of more than 1.5 million pounds!

How does the 3 Phase Approach work?

When you sign up for Dr. Garcia’s Weight Loss and Wellness program, the first step is a personalized consultation with our weight loss specialists. The Three Phase Approach combines the resulting individualized nutritional plan with our online LifeLanding Wellness Portal and a supplement system. Together, these life-changing tools will help you achieve your health goals!

What are the three phases?

  1. Adjustment. This initial phase is focused on getting your digestive system and metabolism “back on track” by emphasizing the elimination of foods that can cause problems with these systems. During this phase, your individualized nutritional plan will focus on balancing hormones that promote weight loss and the elimination of fat. Together with our supplement system and recommended exercise, your nutritional plan will help your body’s metabolism work more effectively, promoting healthy weight loss.
  2. Conversion. During the conversion phase, your body will begin to adjust to the diet, exercise, and supplements introduced in phase one. Your body will begin to control your metabolism, increasing your overall health. Hormonal adjustments may be made as needed.
  3. Maintenance. A key element of Dr. Garcia’s 3 Phase Approach and overall Weight Loss and Wellness Program is the Maintenance For Life program. This support system is all about the motivation and support necessary to accomplish long-term weight loss. Through maintenance for life, your weight loss this fall will be a seasonal success!

By getting started with the 3 phase approach, you’ll ‘fall’ into fitness this season! To learn more about Dr. Garcia’s Weight Loss and Wellness Program, please visit our website or schedule a consultation today – there’s no cost and no obligation!

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Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on October 21, 2013

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