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Exercising With A Busy Schedule

Exercising With a Busy Schedule

Everybody knows that exercise is an integral component of a healthy lifestyle. We ought to be doing it daily, especially if our goal is to lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. Despite this fact, most of us are hard-pressed to find the motivation to get to the gym every day. What is our excuse? Time. 

We tell ourselves we don’t have the time to work out. We tell others that our schedule is too busy for the gym. We say this out loud, knowing all too well that it is just an excuse we have conditioned ourselves to believe.

Of course, we have time to go to the gym! The issue is that we are not making the gym a priority. Don’t believe me? I guarantee there is someone in your office with a busier schedule than you who manages to go to the gym at least once a day. If someone didn’t already come to mind, try asking around. 

Sure, finding time to exercise with a busy schedule isn’t the easiest thing in the world, but it is certainly achievable. Here are some helpful tips to get started:

How to Exercise With a Busy Schedule

Wake up earlier: Waking up earlier may sound like the last thing you want to do. After all, you may already be plagued with mid-afternoon fatigue, and waking up earlier will only exacerbate that, right? Maybe at first, but daily exercise can actually boost your long-term energy levels. Within a week of waking up earlier and hitting the gym, you will feel more alert and ready for the day ahead of you. Wake up just an hour earlier to give yourself enough time to fit in a well-rounded exercise routine at the gym.

Take advantage of the locker room: If you are worried about time, get ready at the gym. Gyms have locker rooms, and locker rooms have showers. Bring some soap, a towel and clothes with you to get dressed before work. This will help you remove an extra trip from your daily commute and make getting to the gym more likely. 

Choose a convenient gym location: Choose a gym that is close to either your home or your office by less than five miles. If your gym is nearby, it shortens the commute and leaves less room for excuse. 

Find a gym with a daycare: Have children? Bring them with you! Many gyms now offer a daycare service where they will watch your kids while you work out. Now busy parents can get to the gym without having to find a sitter or plan around their children’s school schedule. 

Form a daily routine: It takes 30 days to form a habit. Stick it out for 30 days, and your routine will come more naturally. Once you get used to waking up early and hitting the gym, not doing so will seem foreign. You want to get in the groove that works for you and your health, and sticking to the gym is the best way to achieve that. 

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