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Essential Skin Care Products

Essential Skin Care Products

Your skin can make you look younger or older, rested or tired, even healthy or sick. Though everyone wants to have terrific-looking skin, they may not know which skin-care products are essential. The following four skin care products are essential for healthy skin.

The cleanser you use depends on the type of skin you have. For dry skin, use an oil-based or creamy product. For oily skin, use a gel or foamy cleanser. For combination skin, try a gentle foamy cleanser.

Ultra-Calming Foaming Cleanser by Aveena is moisturizing and free of fragrances, making it good for both dry and sensitive. Cliniques’s Liquid Facial Soap Oily Skin Formula removes make-up, oil and impurities. Fruit extracts help reduce the production of oil. Purity Made Simple by Philosophy is one of the most popular cleansers. The pH-balanced formula dissolves dirt and makeup and cleans out pores yet leaves skin feeling soft.

Sunscreen is probably the most important product you can use for your skin. Dermatologists recommend wearing a broad-spectrum sunscreen of at least an SPF 15 every day, even on cloudy days. Use a higher SPF on your face and hands, which get more exposure. If you have tattoos, use a high SPF sunscreen on them as well to avoid fading.

Most people use different sunscreen on their face than on their bodies. Coppertone’s Oil-Free Faces sunscreen provides high SPF protection. Being both fragrance-free and oil-free, though, means it doesn’t clog pores. Another gentle option is Neutrogena’s Pure & Free Liquid Daily Sunblock, which is fragrance-free and light enough to wear under makeup. Spray varieties are popular for all-over protection. Banana Boat’s Sport Performance sunscreen also has skin-soothing properties.

Moisturizer keeps the skin looking soft and healthy. Even people with oily skin want to apply a moisturizer since cleanser usually strips away all the oil. For oily and combination skin, choose a moisturizer that is gel-based and has no oil. If you live in a dry climate and have normal to dry skin, apply a thicker moisturizer.

For dry skin, Eucerin products work well. Their facial moisturizer is fragrance-free and lightweight. For hydration and reduction of fine lines, a favorite of dermatologists and consumers alike is Olay’s Regenerist. Clinique’s popular Dramatically Different Moisturizer comes in an oil-free gel that even offers oil-control properties.

Antioxidants help neutralize the effects of damage from the sun, wind, temperature and pollution. They can help fight the look of aging skin as well. Creams and serums with vitamin C, argan oil, idebenone and green tea work best for skin care. If your skin is normal to dry, choose a cream. For oily skin, serums work best.

Prevage Face Advanced Anti-Aging Serum utilizes idebenone to reduce the effects of sun damage on skin. Dr. Brandt’s Lineless Cream packs a one-two punch with both vitamins E and C as well as green tea to prevent damage and soften fine lines. For oily or acne-prone skin, SkinCeuticals puts out a gel-based serum with vitamin C. Vitamin C helps skin look brighter without adding oil.

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