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Easy Weight-loss Tips To Try This Summer

Easy weight-loss tips to try this summer

We tend to think of summer as relaxation season, but it’s easy to overload the schedule with parties, weekends at the beach, or outings with the kids. Who has time to focus on eating a healthy diet there’s all this fun to be had?

Actually, you do — because there are plenty of ways to stay healthy and keep your diet on track without decreasing your summertime enjoyment. Try these easy weight loss tips to help you get healthier during the hottest months.

1. Drink smart

When the summer sun beats down, nothing tastes better than an ice cold drink. But that doesn’t mean you need to choose one loaded with calories and sugar. Try drinking plain or carbonated water with just a touch of your favorite juice. You’ll stay hydrated — which is important for keeping your weight under control — while also cutting down on harmful sweeteners.

If that’s too much of a change, start with half juice, half water and gradually decrease the juice amount. You may find that over time, you don’t miss the sweetness of juice or soda.

2. Hit the farmer’s market

Take advantage of the season’s bounty by purchasing fresh, local foods. Eating locally grown produce is good for the environment and gives you a nutritional boost. Be open to trying new foods or preparing them in new ways to give yourself more options for healthy meals and snacks.

3. Don’t forget soup

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean soup is off the menu. Plenty of cold soups can be delicious and healthy. And, research shows that eating a broth-based soup before meals can help you consume fewer calories.

Try a watermelon gazpacho for a taste of summer or a cucumber-tomatillo gazpacho for a spicy kick.

4. Get to know what true hunger feels like

The difference between a craving and actual hunger is important. Cravings are often due to habit or emotions, like stress or boredom. When you have a craving, you’ll be fixed on a particular food — usually an unhealthy one — like ice cream or pretzels. But here’s an important distinction: when you’re truly hungry, almost anything will sound good to you.

Ask yourself if you could eat a salad or some fruit, or if you just want a particular food in that moment. If you’re having a craving, do something to get your mind off food. Go for a walk, drink a glass of water, or go work in the garden. You may be able to train yourself to get past cravings, and over time, you’ll become more in tune with your body’s true hunger cues.

5. Make calorie-free cold brew

Need that morning caffeine kick, but don’t want a hot cup of coffee in the summer? Instead of sugary lattes and frozen coffee drinks packed with calories, try delicious cold brew coffee. Brewing coffee cold decreases its natural bitterness, which means you can enjoy it with ice and no sweetener or cream.

Making cold brew coffee is as simple as letting ground coffee soak overnight in some water, and then filtering out the grounds in the morning. Add ice and enjoy.

No matter what the season, Garcia Weight Loss can work with you to boost your energy, shed excess pounds, and improve your health with our customized weight-loss plans. Learn how we can help you by scheduling your no-cost consultation today!

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Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on August 17, 2018

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