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Don’t Let The Weekend Derail Your Efforts

Don’t Let the Weekend Derail Your Efforts

You’ve stayed on track all week long – don’t let weekend temptations set you back!

True or false? Establishing a routine is an important aspect of achieving your goals. True! Working out and eating right five days a week can help you stay motivated to make healthy choices on a daily basis – but what about the weekend?

Try our tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle and avoiding the all-too-common “it’s the weekend!” excuse:

Stay on Schedule
One of the easiest ways to keep your routine on track is by doing just that – keep it going into the weekend. Members of Dr. Garcia’s Weight Loss and Wellness program know that things like practicing proper portions and getting regular exercise are crucial components of weight loss. Don’t let the weekend keep you from fitness – establish a schedule that works for you on both weekdays and the weekend, and stick to it.

Plan Your Meals
Establishing a grocery list and buying the ingredients for healthy weekend meals in advance will help reduce the risk of temptation to go out and indulge. Keeping your pantry well-stocked with healthy food choices is one of the most effective ways to stay on track over the weekend.

If you know that you have been invited to a happy hour or dinner event, enjoy a small, healthy meal before you go – you’ll be less likely to fill up on empty calories. Speaking of empty calories, keep non-alcoholic drinks in mind, as well.

Hold Yourself Accountable
Whatever fitness or wellness goals you may have, keep them in mind over the weekend. Try our suggestions, or weigh in with your own in the comments:

  • Schedule a weigh-in for first thing Monday morning for motivation
  • Work the buddy system!
  • Use weekend downtime to plan and shop for the week’s healthy meals
  • Fit in an extra workout
  • Download a health or fitness smartphone app to set reminders and keep yourself on track.
  • Catch up on sleep

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle over the weekend can be a challenge, but Dr. Garcia and his team can help! To learn more, please visit our website to schedule a no-obligation, no-cost consultation!

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Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on August 29, 2013

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