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Am I A Candidate For Dr. Garcia’s Weight Loss Program?

Am I A Candidate For Dr. Garcia’s Weight Loss Program?

Could Dr. Garcia’s weight loss and wellness program be your ticket to better health?

With so many tips and tricks available online, finding the right solution when it comes to weight loss is no easy task. But through Dr. Garcia’s unique approach to overall health and wellness, weight loss is not only possible, it’s a rewarding aspect of an overall lifestyle change that can lead to a healthier, happier you!

Learn more about what to expect from Dr. Garcia’s medically managed weight loss program:

How do I know if Dr. Garcia’s Weight Loss and Wellness Program is right for me?

Anyone who could use a fresh approach to weight loss and wellness could benefit from the program. Through Dr. Garcia’s medically managed, individualized approach to weight loss, patients have lost a total of more than 1.5 million pounds!

As part of Dr. Garcia’s program, you’ll receive a customized health, wellness, and fitness plan to help you reach your weight loss goals – but it doesn’t end there. Dr. Garcia and his staff understand that the key to good health is maintenance for life. You’ll find the support you need as you learn to manage your weight loss and wellness results.

What tools for weight loss does the program offer?

As a part of our medically managed weight loss and wellness program, Dr. Garcia offers many tools for weight loss to aid you in your journey. These include:

How does the program work?

Your individualized program will include several steps:

  • Nutrition: A custom diet concentrated on lean proteins and low glycemic carbohydrates
  • Hydration: Proper fluid intake
  • Exercise: A personal plan for cardio fitness, muscle toning and flexibility
  • Supplements, which support overall health and wellness
  • Support, education, motivation, and counseling from Dr. Garcia’s staff

With the help of Dr. Garcia’s personalized planthree-phase approach, and maintenance for life support system, weight loss and wellness is possible! The journey to a healthier new you begins with our no-cost, no-obligation consultation. Visit our website to schedule your appointment today.

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Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on September 23, 2013

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