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Are Botox Parties Safe?

Are Botox parties safe?

Botox parties can be a fun way to spend time with your friends while improving your appearance. If you’re new to Botox, hosting or attending a Botox party can help you learn more about the benefits of this minimally invasive cosmetic treatment, and gives you a close-up look into how this procedure is performed in a casual setting. Above all, make sure the Botox party is safe.

Some healthcare professionals warn that Botox parties are unsafe on the grounds that Botox should be administered only in a medical office. However, when proper precautions are taken and a licensed professional is present to perform the injections, there is no reason Botox parties can’t be perfectly safe and effective.

Here’s what to expect when attending a Botox party, and how to make sure the party you’re attending is safe.

Confirm that the Botox injector is a licensed professional

Botox is a prescription medication that can only be administered by a qualified healthcare professional. Before attending a Botox party, confirm that the injector is a licensed practitioner who has experience with performing Botox treatments. This significantly reduces the risk for health complications that could arise when receiving Botox from an unlicensed injector.

Prepare to share your medical history

Before you can receive Botox, you will be asked to sign a consent form and share your medical history with the injector. Sharing your medical history can help the injector determine whether Botox is ideal for you based on your current health status. For instance, Botox is not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women, or for those who suffer from neurological disorders.

Be aware of possible side effects

Botox is generally safe, but may produce certain side effects like most other prescription medications. The most common side effects of Botox are headaches, swelling and bruising at the injection site, and tearing eyes. If you are hosting a Botox party, make sure your friends and guests are fully aware of all possible side effects associated with Botox.

Avoid alcohol intake

Consuming alcohol while undergoing Botox treatment can increase blood flow and promote bruising, and may even result in the spreading of Botox to other areas of the body. Decline alcohol at any Botox party, and ask your provider how soon you can drink alcohol without increasing your risk for complications.

Ask about aftercare

Before agreeing to undergo Botox, ask the injector to provide you with instructions regarding aftercare and recovery. Following aftercare instructions can help you get more out of your Botox treatment. For instance, avoid lying down within four hours of the procedure, and refrain from strenuous activities that can cause Botox to affect other areas of the body.

Ensure the environment is clean

Since Botox parties generally take place outside of a clinical setting, it’s important to keep the environment as clean and sterile as possible to lower the risk for infections and other complications. A professional, licensed injector will take steps to ensure the environment is safe before administering Botox.

Ask the injector about a numbing agent

Botox is injected using a tiny needle that causes minimal to no pain, and is usually administered without a numbing agent. However, some partygoers may have low pain tolerance or be turned off by the idea of experiencing pain. If you are attending or hosting a Botox party, ask the injector whether a numbing agent will be available so you and your friends have the option of avoiding pain completely.

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