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Botox For Men: Why Brotox Is On The Rise

Botox for men: Why Brotox is on the rise

The days of assuming that women are the only ones who get aesthetic procedures are long over. In fact, the number of men getting minimally invasive cosmetic enhancements like Botox — a trend known as Brotox — are higher than ever.

After all, a great-looking face shouldn’t be reserved for women only. Those creases between the eyebrows, wrinkles on the forehead, and crow’s feet affect men and women alike — and can be quickly fixed with a Botox treatment performed by an experienced and qualified provider.

The trend toward more men getting procedures like Botox makes one thing clear: men care about their appearance, and they deserve to look and feel their best.

Confidence and success

Feeling good about your appearance brings a confidence that people notice in professional settings — whether you’re male or female. And in today’s challenging job market, we could all use an edge that makes us feel great.

Men who get “Brotox” are often more confident, making them more comfortable dealing with others in work negotiations or important conversations, for example. A man who likes how he looks may have the confidence to speak up in a large meeting or ask for a promotion. Conversely, a man who feels self-conscious about his appearance may hold back or be less assertive. He may not feel good about talking in front of large groups or introducing himself to key players in the company.

A culture shift

In the past, a man who looked old and weathered was expected. But today, men and women equally want to look young and polished. With an array of men’s skin care and hair care lines on the market, society has widely accepted that men care about maintaining a youthful appearance.

This translates into more men opting for procedures that make them feel attractive and younger, including Botox.

Botox is affordable

Because Botox is non-invasive and requires only an office visit, its price is much lower than plastic surgery. This means looking great is no longer reserved for celebrities or the wealthiest people. The results last several months, giving patients plenty of time between treatments.

No one needs to know you had Botox

Botox is a technique-sensitive treatment. This means its results are natural looking when it’s performed by an experienced medical professional. The myth about looking unnatural came about from people using too much Botox or, unfortunately, providers who were not properly trained or experienced in how to administer the injections.

The reality is, a properly performed Botox treatment helps you look like you, with fewer wrinkles. And with no incisions or anesthesia required, you can get the 10-minute treatment done without taking time out of your busy life. People won’t notice that you “had work done.” They’ll simply notice how much younger and refreshed you look.

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