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Venus Freeze

Venus Freeze

Have you heard of the Venus Freeze Treatment? The results are so effective, you have to see them to believe that they are real. Some of the benefits of this skincare treatment include:

  • Tighter skin
  • Less prominent wrinkles
  • A fuller, more youthful appearance
  • Reduced cellulite
  • A more contoured silhouette

How Does the Venus Freeze Work?

This revolutionary, non-invasive treatment works by combining Multi-Polar Radio Frequency with Magnetic Pulsed Fields. The result is one safe device that delivers optimal body contouring results, heating the skin from the inside out. By penetrating into the layers deep beneath your skin’s surface, the Venus Freeze dramatically improves your appearance, reduces the appearance of cellulite, and offers almost instant results!

Venus Freeze FAQs

Could the Venus Freeze be right for you? Find the answers to common questions about the treatment below:

Does it hurt?

No, most people do not experience discomfort – many patients even find it as relaxing as a massage!

How long does it take?

The treatment is quick, pain-free, and effortless for patients. A session is only 15 minutes for the face and 40 minutes for the body.

Who should get the Venus Freeze Treatment?

This is an effective solution for anyone who would benefit from body contouring or skin tightening. The Venus Freeze has provided exceptional results to mothers post-pregnancy.

Is it safe?

Yes! Venus Freeze is both cleared by the FDA for Facial Wrinkles & Rhytides, as well as licensed by Health Canada for non-invasive treatment of temporary cellulite & temporary skin tightening. Learn more about the safety features of the Venus Freeze Treatment.

Which areas of the body can it be used on?

The entire body, including the face and the neck, can be rejuvenated by the Venus Freeze. Watch video testimonials and explore Before and After Treatment Photos at the Venus Freeze website.

Whether body contouring, weight loss, or a lifestyle change is your goal, Dr. Garcia and his team can help you create a personalized wellness plan. Schedule a no-cost consultation with us today!

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