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The Benefits Of Our Wellness Portal For Active Patients

The Benefits of Our Wellness Portal for Active Patients

Dr. Garcia’s Wellness Portal is an active patient’s biggest asset when it comes to weight loss!

Changing your life through a weight loss and wellness program has never been easier! How? With the help of Dr. Garcia’s personalized Wellness Portal! Through Dr. Garcia’s program, each active patient works with a specialized team to develop an individualized, three-phase metabolic plan that will aid you in your weight loss and wellness goals.

The Wellness Portal offers active patients a resourceful, accessible way to track and celebrate weight loss success!

Convenience and Accessibility

With the help of your personal online weight loss companion, access to your personalized plan is available on your computer, tablet, or mobile device, 24 hours a day!

A Personalized, Easy-to-Use Interface 

Exclusive features that make the Wellness Portal work to the benefit of active members include:

  • Monitoring your individualized plan for weight loss success
  • Tracking meals, servings, and hydration
  • Scheduling medications and supplements
  • Sending reminders directly to your phone or inbox
  • Recording and monitoring physical activity
  • Access to healthy, delicious recipes and other exclusive resources
  • All for FREE as an active patient of Dr. Garcia’s!

Best of all, signing up is easy, secure, and free! Learn more about getting started with Dr. Garcia’s Wellness Portal.

Tools You Can Use

Along with our Wellness portal, active patients have access to their favorite supplements, tools, beauty items, and more in the Garcia Weight Loss and Wellness shopEasy Exchange Foods, and maintenance for life are some of the benefits of becoming an active patient with Dr. Garcia’s Weight Loss and Wellness Program.

With the help of Dr. Garcia and his team, maintenance for life, and tools like Easy Exchange Foods and our Wellness Portal, achieving your weight loss goals begins here. Visit our website to learn more about scheduling a no-cost, no-obligation consultation today!

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Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on October 14, 2013


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