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The Benefits Of Anti-Oxidants And CQ10 To Health

The Benefits of Anti-Oxidants and CQ10 to Health

Antioxidants are beneficial to health in helping to prevent a number of diseases: heart disease, strokes, and some studies confirm lowering the chances of getting cancer.  Antioxidants do so by deactivating “free radicles” a natural byproduct of producing energy in the cell.  Yet, in our modern world, free radicals are hyper-produced because of environmental factors and exposure to toxins, such as smoke and pollution.  Left unbalanced, the free radicles lead to aging cells, aging skin and an aging body.  Thus, there is a definite need to supplement our health with an increased diet of antioxidants.

CQ10, CoQ10, Coenzyme Q10, Q10 all refer to a nutrient that is naturally produced in the body.  Also known as Ubiquinone, the ingredient has been used medicinally over the years for a number of health issues:  diabetes, heart failure, gum disease, cancer, high blood pressure and other ailments.  Considering that CQ10, is the “manager” of energy production in cells, it has the potential to reverse or rejuvenate anti-aging effects on the skin according to the Mayo Clinic.  Yet extrinsic factors such as the sun and environmental toxins use up the antioxidant in our bodies quickly and require further nourishment.

Aging occurs intrinsically and extrinsically – within the body and at the surface of the body.  The antioxidant effect of CQ10 helps improve both.  Extrinsic aging is by and large the results of harmful lifestyle choices such as sun exposure, smoking or other environmental factors.  Intrinsic factors of aging could be genetic, but also due to nutrition, hydration, as well as exercise.

A supplemental antioxidant dietary-intake with CQ10 can have dramatic effects on the reverse of aging, prevention of numerous diseases, improvements of overall health, weight loss and directly noticeable skin improvements if part of a daily regimen.  Take the steps today to ensure your body is receiving the proper amounts of antioxidants which it requires.  The rejuvenating effects of doing so will keep the body nourished and balanced in health.


Medically reviewed by Jay J. Garcia, MD on March 6, 2015

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