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5 Ways To Make Lifestyle Changes Stick

5 Ways to Make Lifestyle Changes Stick

We all have heard that one way to be successful with your health and wellness goals is to make a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change means that you’re going to create or alter a habit for good. It’s not a diet or a strict regimen that isn’t sustainable. It’s often small, incremental steps that add up to a considerable difference. Think evolution, not resolution!

Here are our top 5 tips when making a lifestyle change: 

* Change one thing at a time to avoid biting off more than you can chew. Is it realistic to give up caffeine, and start going to bed at 10pm, and drinking 10 cups of water a day, and working out 5 days a week all at the same time? Probably not. Pick one goal at a time, you’ll have a better chance at success and each small success can be a fantastic motivator that you can build on.

* Plan your change in incremental steps. Instead of saying “I’m going to give up sugar”, maybe tackle it in manageable steps like giving up soda this month, no longer having dessert after dinner the following month, removing the sugar in your daily coffee the month after that. You’d be amazed at the progress you can make over time when the goal is manageable!

* Know your “Why”. It is so helpful to understand what motivates you. Some people are motivated by physical changes they can see, like losing weight to enjoy shopping again. Others are more motivated when they can feel a difference, like getting healthier in order to be able to play with their children more. Understanding your “why” can help you achieve your goal.

* Have a plan. Making these life improvements doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by change. Invest in the right foods, equipment, and technology to support your change. This might mean an app that tracks your hydration, new running shoes, a workout buddy, or collecting healthy recipes on Pinterest. Pinpoint ways to help achieve your small goals and make them part of your plan!

* Be kind to yourself. You won’t be perfect every day and that’s ok. Surround yourself with supportive people and keep a positive outlook. Remember that forward progress is what matters. Keep on going and you’ll be amazed at how far you’ve come! Interested in other ways to stay healthy and lose weight? Garcia Weight Loss & Wellness is an amazing resource. Find us on Facebook, Pinterest, our store, or even at one of our 4 Tampa Bay locations.

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