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5 Ways To Make Exercise A Habit

5 Ways to Make Exercise a Habit

When it comes to achieving your weight loss goals, making exercise a habit is a key ingredient!

Someone once said, “The hardest part about running is putting on your shoes” – and for many of us, that’s true. Whether it’s hitting the gym, working out from home, or pounding the pavement, learning to develop a consistent exercise routine can be challenging.

So how does getting healthy become a habit? Take the frustration out of fitness and try our simple suggestions for making exercise a welcome part of your daily routine:

1. Set goals. It is important to have a concrete goal to work toward when attempting to lose weight. Set goals of achieving specific accomplishments by certain dates, whether it’s losing a certain amount, attending a class a certain number of times, or reaching a new best in strength training.

2. Keep track of your results. It may not be easy to get fit, but it IS rewarding. Track your exercise and fitness results, and over time, the results should be motivation enough! Try these tools to get started.

3. Exercise at the same time every day. Are you a night owl? Hit the gym on your way home from work, or go out for an evening run (if it’s safe). Morning person? Set the alarm to incorporate your exercise into the early hours of the day. After a few weeks of habitual exercise, many people begin to positively anticipate their next session.

4. “Forget the myths.” Learning to love exercise is a slow and sometimes painful process – no overnight or universal cures exist – just what works for you.

5. For increased results, find a workout buddy. Exercising with a friend will help each of you stay motivated; it will also keep you on track on days that you might have considered skipping out. Before you know it, friendly fitness will be something that you look forward to each week!

Making exercise a healthy habit is an important part of achieving your goals. To learn more about wellness and weight loss through Dr. Garcia’s program, please visit our website or schedule a no-cost consultation today!

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