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4 Alternatives To Halloween Candy For Weight Loss

4 Alternatives to Halloween Candy for Weight Loss

It’s that spooky time of year again, and most people are starting to get ready for the one night of the year that completely revolves around candy. Unfortunately, whether you are trying to lose weight or just maintain your current weight, Halloween candy can be the devil. If you love sweets, it can be difficult to resist all the fun-sized candies and chocolate lurking in every home. Luckily, there are alternatives for those who want to enjoy Halloween without sabotaging their efforts!

Here are 4 alternatives to Halloween candy:

1. Pretzels

Not only are pretzels crunchy and delicious, but they also come in a variety of flavors that will surely satisfy your taste buds. Low in calories and high in fiber, pretzels can help curb your appetite without going overboard on total calorie intake for the day.

2. Protein Bars

Protein bars are a great alternative to Halloween candy and come in many different flavors. Garcia’s on-the-go bars taste like candy but have a fraction of the calories. Packed with a combo of protein and carbs, these bars deliver a blow to hunger while satisfying your sweet tooth. From gooey caramel crunch bars to chocolatey peanut butter protein bars, there’s something for everyone at Garcia’s shop!

3. Popcorn

Popcorn is another great alternative to Halloween candy for those on a weight loss plan. It’s crunchy, delicious and high in fiber! Plus, it’s a guilt-free snack with only 39 calories per 1/3 cup serving. A 100g serving of air-popped popcorn has less than 1g of fat and 34g of carbs. 

4. Dark Chocolate

If you’re still craving something sweet, yet chocolatey, dark chocolate is a great choice if consumed in moderation. Dark chocolate is packed with nutrients that can positively affect your health. According to research, cocoa is rich in plant chemicals called flavanols that may help to protect the heart and reduce heart disease risk.

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