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10 Things To Know Before Getting Your Face Waxed

10 things to know before getting your face waxed

Before getting your face waxed, here are 10 things to know about waxing that will help you maintain positive results for as long as possible. Waxing your face can provide you with smooth, hair-free skin for up to several weeks. Waxing is often much more convenient than shaving, as it pulls out unwanted hair by its roots and produces results that last significantly longer.

1. Is waxing painful?

Waxing may cause pain that usually lasts for only a quick second as your aesthetician peels the waxing strip from your face. In most cases, waxing may be painful only for those who have extremely sensitive skin, or who suffer from autoimmune diseases like lupus.

2. How is waxing different from sugaring?

Waxing is when an aesthetician applies a warm resin base to the treatment area, covers it with a strip, and pulls the strip to remove hair by its roots. Sugaring works much like waxing, but uses a natural paste made with sugar, water, and lemon. Though both procedures are similar, waxing is often more effective at removing shorter hairs.

3. Does waxing cause redness?

Waxing can cause redness in sensitive areas that lasts anywhere between a few minutes and 12 hours. If you’re waxing to prepare for a special party or event, schedule your appointment at least 24 hours beforehand to ensure any redness is gone in time.

4. How can I treat irritation caused by waxing?

Redness caused by waxing will usually go away on its own, but aloe gel and coconut oil can naturally help reduce redness and irritation. If you lack these ingredients at home, apply a cool compress to your face using equal parts milk, water, and ice to combat redness.

5. Will my facial hair grow in thicker after waxing?

Some people say your facial hair will grow in thicker after waxing, but this old wives’ tail is false. Waxing will often damage hair follicles in the treated hair to result in thinner hair and less regrowth. With repeated waxing treatments, your unwanted hair will likely become noticeably thinner and more sparse.

6. How long will my skin stay smooth?

Waxing produces results that last anywhere between two and eight weeks, which is highly convenient for those who have fast-growing hair, and who typically lack time to tweeze or remove facial hair using other methods.

7. What risk factors can affect my waxing outcome?

Oral medications like antibiotics and acne treatments can make your skin hypersensitive and more prone to redness, tearing, and peeling, as can most topical acne solutions. If you’re using any medications or topical skin care treatments, review the list of side effects to see whether they will increase your skin’s sensitivity.

8. What does a bad reaction to waxing look like?

Redness and irritation following waxing is normal, but keep an eye out for pimples, pus-filled bumps, swelling, and pain. Pimples and bumps can occur due to inflammation of hair follicles, while swelling and pain can indicate an allergic reaction to the waxing formula. See your dermatologist immediately if you experience any complications after waxing your face.

9. What’s “double-dipping,” and why is it bad for waxing?

Double-dipping is when an aesthetician dips the application stick into the waxing formula, applies the wax to your skin, then dips again for another application. This can cause dirt and bacteria to contaminate the wax, which can then be transferred to another person — increasing the risk for infection and illness. Keep an eye on your aesthetician’s waxing habits during your appointment to make sure you and the next patient are not at risk.

10. Can I wax my face at home?

At-home wax kits may be effective for some, but often carry a high risk for burned skin, scarring, and infection. People who wax at home also tend to combine facial waxing with at-home peels, scrubs, and masks that can lead to further skin irritation and complications. For the best results, make your facial waxing appointment with a licensed, experienced aesthetician.

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