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"Our goal is to change weight loss struggles into weight loss success. Our formula for that includes a balanced nutritional plan combined with education, personal support and professional guidance for healthy living and sustainable results. We combine that personalized program with an excellent patient experience." - Dr. G

Dr.Garcia has been a passionate advocate for healthy, effective weight loss for over a decade here in Tampa Bay. At Garcia Weight Loss & Wellness, we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all weight loss. We provide a personalized, comprehensive approach to weight loss and wellness.

As the Bay Area leader in medically managed weight loss, patients have called Jay J Garcia, MD one of the most trusted names in medical weight loss. 92% of our patients have shown their trust in Dr. Garcia by recommending him to a family member or friend. We take this as our highest praise, and are committed to continually providing the best weight loss care.

Patient Experience
All 4 Tampa Bay area locations have been recognized as the best weight loss clinics in their area by TBO.com. Our enthusiastic staff is committed to helping you achieve your weight loss and wellness goals. We strive to create a comfortable and welcoming office environment.

Come experience your own customized plan, personalized supplements, and consistent support to help you reach your goals and maintain them

Vivaliti Weight Loss

Dr. Garcia has developed Vivaliti, a personalized weight loss program for the 21st century. Vivaliti offers real options to help patients who want or need to lose weight. Vivaliti was created using real data from tens of thousands of real weight loss patients treated by Dr. Garcia.

Why Choose Us?

Patient Experience

Our program, staff, and physicians are all motivated by the same thing: your success. We will empower you in a collaborative effort to make sure you can lose the weight and feel supported during the process.


Our program is based on scientific and medical principles, therefore, safety and efficacy are always of the utmost importance. 87% of our patients lose 10 or more pounds their first month on the program.

Care and Support

We are partners, cheerleaders, problem solvers, and educators. Our support is one way we demonstrate our commitment to the success of each and every one of our patients.

Invest Wisely in You

Many of our patients have told us that our program was the best investment they could have made in themselves. We also have packages that can help you save while improving your long-term health.

  • BioMD 4

    I'll be as delicate as possible, but there is no other way to say that my sex life was really suffering to non-existent before I started testosterone treatments from Dr. Garcia. I didn't know what was going wrong, but feared the worst.…

    BH, Spring Hill
  • BioMD 3

    I have been revitalized by Dr. Garcia's hormone therapy and it is fantastic! I was reluctant to start, but was encouraged to look into it by my wife. She's even coming with me to my next appointment to ask about hormone therapy…

    LB, Tampa
  • BioMD 2

    After receiving Dr. Garcia's testosterone pellets I feel like a young man again! After they ran what was a very thorough lab exam, they tailored the dosage to me, it wasn't a one-size-fits-all diagnosis. I was told exactly what my testosterone levels…

    RS, Land O'Lakes


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